Pricing Philosophy

The advertised price is haggle-free and will only be subject to HST and licensing. We believe in aggressively pricing our inventory at a fair market value by analyzing daily market data. Our goal is to save you time and money, so we do the research so you don’t have to. We do not believe in giving our clients the run around that other dealers may. Our simple pricing philosophy enables you to relax and enjoy your search for the perfect vehicle.

Your Sales Consultant is dedicated to serving you from start to finish. You won’t be handed off to a Finance Manager or another middleman. Throughout the process your Sales Consultant will be completely transparent and honest, ensuring you understand everything as you purchase your pre-owned vehicle.

We understand that you’re a busy person, and we respect your time. Once you have decided on your new or used vehicle, our sales consultants will aim to get you in and out of our dealership in less than one hour.

Transparency is very important when it comes to shopping at a Used Car Dealership. More than half of Canadians have smartphones. Mobile devices have taken on a major role in the car-buying process as the majority of the “buying process” and some of the “negotiating aspect” can be done before you even enter a Dealership.

There are a few key questions you should ask to determine if the Used Car Dealership is running a transparent business

  • Pricing– Does the dealership display pricing on their website? Every honest used car dealer should have their pricing on their website.
  • Vehicle History Reports-Does the website give you access to a Carproof history report? This is HUGE. It shows the dealership backs their cars and is comfortable sharing this information with you, the buyer, and not trying to lie or hide any information about the vehicle from you. Think twice before purchasing a car without seeing its history report!
  • Live Photos– Are all the photos stock photos? Are there only a couple photos of the vehicle? Always be cautious when doing business with a dealer that does not display live photos of their inventory.
  • Live Videos– Are there live walk-a-round videos of each vehicle? As photos can easily be edited, live videos assist the dealership with transparency. These videos allow you to view the condition of the car which does not leave much room to hide things.